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BESTWAY is a leading Egyptian retailer with 14+ years experience in the field of tourist resorts. An existing chain of 6 supermarkets total over 2100 m2 and a similar size warehouse with over 120 employees in prime tourist locations along the Red Sea west coast to provide healthy, fresh food coupled with house ware necessity, as well as friendly, accountable service to Egyptians and foreign visitors.

Uncompromising dedication to customer satisfaction has been the base of our philosophy from the beginning and continues to be the guiding principle. Through regularly scheduled inspections and rigorous employee education, our stores have been able to maintain a level of sanitation and safety.

Following customer satisfaction principle, we have become more attentive to the needs of every shopper. We hold on shelves a variety of more than 20,000 items serving a community class "A" consumers in addition to a wholesale supply section… BESTWAY stores carry a wide range of European as well as ethnic groceries to meet the culturally and ethnically diverse needs of our customers.

BESTWAY believes that if we sincerely follow these fundamentals with honesty, fairness and integrity, we will achieve dynamic growth, earn a fair profit and continue to be the first choice of our customers.

Address: Down Town, El Gouna Resort, Red Sea, Egypt
Tel: +20 122 736 5900

Branch 1: Down Town, El Gouna Resort, Red Sea. Tel: 012 84 320 320

Branch 2: Marina, El Gouna Resort, Red Sea. Tel: 0127 405 1222

Branch 3: La Siesta Resort, Sokhna, Suez. Tel: 0127 51 21 666

Branch 4: Hurghada, Red Sea. Tel: 01279 22 44 09

Branch 5: Makadi Orascom, Makadi, Red Sea. Tel: 01289 40 33 44

Branch 6: Sahl Hasheesh, Red Sea. Tel: 01279 66 22 66

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